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The Two-Wired system consists of a master clock, a Converter Box (more than one Converter Box may be needed depending on how many clocks are in the system), and secondary clocks. First, the master clock provides the time signal to the Converter Box. The Converter Box merges the 24 volt output with the data, and then uses two wires to power and correct the secondary clocks.


The Two-Wired system is reliable and very easy to install, running only two wires in parallel between the clocks. This system has automatic reverse polarity detection capabilities, meaning that if the two output wires are hooked up backwards, the system automatically detects it and continues to run normally. Since the clocks are fed with 24 volts, in most countries, there is no need for a certified electrician to install the system. This reduces the cost of installation since any technical personnel can install this system. This Converter Box is offered in both 110V and 220V.

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